About me

Hi, I’m Marchantia Smith

Wedding planner. Event extraordinaire. Magic maker.
And the family member you never knew you wanted to choose.

Everyone has a grand idea of what their wedding day should be like. Even if you don’t yet have a theme to play with, even if you don’t know which flowers you’ll hold down the aisle, even if you don’t yet have any idea if you’d like to have a DJ or a live string quartet,
you still know one thing:

You want the day to be full of love.

That is my job.
From making sure the seating arrangements won’t start any arguments, from making sure the vendors are all set to do their job for you, from ensuring that all the details are taken care of so you can relax… I’m there for you.

My job is to make sure your day is magnificently lovely.
Your job is to enjoy that lovely day.

Full-Service Coordination​

Partial Event Consulting and Coordination​

Month of/Day of Event Coordination

Certified Wedding and Event Planner

Meet Marchantia

As the owner and lead planner of Marchantia Smith Events based in Dallas, I bring my experience and passion to the table for all my clients. For several years, I planned weddings as a hobby. I enjoyed creating a schedule to make the day as easy and seamless as possible. I loved taking the stress off of other people’s plates. And my favorite part has always been the look of the couple’s faces when they realize their vision has become a reality.

I started by planning all my siblings’ weddings as well as my own. Each one was unique, telling a different story for each special day. And I must have done well because even one of my bridal attendants left my wedding declaring that it was the “best-planned wedding ever!”

Now, I bring the same joy and excitement to couples all over, telling their stories through the details and planning to make their special day the best-planned wedding ever.

My Mission:

Is to give you the event you’ll remember forever. Not because the flowers weren’t delivered. Not because the cake topper fell off before the reception started. Not because the DJ forgot which song you wanted your first dance to be.
But because none of that happened.

I want you to look at your wedding photos five, ten, and twenty-five years from now and remember one major thing: that it was easy.

Because that’s the kind of day you deserve. Easy. Fun. And full of love.

I Would Love to Make the Wedding of Your Dreams Come True...

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