Welcome to Chapter One of Your Happily Ever After

Life with your partner is full of many moments.
There was the moment when the two of you connected when you realized that this was beyond friendship.
There was a moment when your connection deepened and you realized that this wasn’t a fling you were going to laugh about with your friends later.
There was a moment when your heart fluttered and you realized that this was your sweetheart.

And now you’re at a whole new moment where you realize that you’re creating a new story together: one that has morphed two storylines into one.

Your wedding day is chapter one of that story. It’s what kicks off the amazing journey you’ll travel for the rest of the chapters in your lives together.

Let’s write that first chapter together.

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The Blooper Reel

I have yet to meet anyone who doesn’t have that little worried voice in the back of their mind that something is going to happen. Something is going to mess up. Someone is going to be late. Something is going to break or not show up or simply make things messy.
Breathe in.
That voice is normal. 
Breathe out.
And you can go ahead and hand the burden of that voice to me.
Because if we’re being completely honest, bloopers will happen. Little things that could set off the whole vibe if they’re not taken care of. But that’s my job. I take care of it. The tape is rolling and I’m holding the camera. My eyes are set on it all, and if a blooper happens, I set things right. 
Because there’s no reason for you to know what that blooper reel looks like on your special day. I’ll hold onto that for you.
And then later, I may go ahead and let you have a peek. Because I guarantee it’s good for a laugh later, and every story needs a little humor sprinkled in.

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wedding flawless